AED Trainer Red


EP-120C AED Trainer

AED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) EP-120C is designed to prepare the emergency responder to use
the clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in the emergency. This training unit provides a variety of preprogrammed
training scenarios which simulates the realistic sudden cardiac arrest situation, which can help the
emergency responders to get familiar with the operation of the clinical defibrillator.
1. AED trainer EP-120C has the analog electric shock function. But it does not provide high voltage, to ensure the safety
of the use of the process.
2. AED trainer EP-120C can training with the real human body. EP company by use electronic process simulation
technology to let the AED trainer can judge electrode’s reaction on the human body. It is simulate the real AED to analyse
whether the electrode truly connect on the patients body, This is the company ‘s unique technology. EP-120C “AED
trainer” can be used with any other manikin.
3. AED trainer EP-120C preset 10 training modes, each mode is simulate the real situation of the heart sudden cessation
events, these modes meet the latest international standards of training.


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