Gaumard® NOELLE® Maternal Care Patient Simulator with OMNI®

The NOELLE® birthing simulator’s comprehensive teaching system combines the best patient care simulators in advanced childbirth simulation. It is designed to provide a complete birthing simulation experience before, during, and after delivery.

  • Allows practice of C-section and forceps deliveries
  • Features articulating, full-body, female manikin; intubatable airway with chest rise; IV arm for meds/fluids; removable stomach cover; multiple fetal heart sounds; automatic birthing system; multiple placenta locations; replaceable dilating cervices; and 1 articulating birthing baby with placenta
  • Allows practice of Leopold maneuvers, measuring head descent and cervical dilation, and postpartum suturing
  • Monitor and log ventilations and chest compressions with OMNI® Code Blue® pack
  • View feedback on your OMNI® device or any Windows computer


  • 1 resuscitation baby with intubatable airway and umbilical catheter site
  • 2 umbilical cords
  • 2 dilating cervices
  • 2 umbilical clamps
  • 2 vulval inserts
  • 3 vulva for postpartum suturing
  • Postpartum hemorrhage and palpation module
  • Training guide
  • Teaching guide with scenarios
  • OMNI® Code Blue® pack
    • CPR Link software
    • CPR Link connection cable
    • CPR module pre-installed in simulator
    • International power supply [100-240V AC]
  • OMNI® controller
  • Talcum powder
  • Water-soluble silicone lubricant
  • Carry bag


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