Little Family QCPR

Little Family QCPR is a convenient package of age-specific CPR training manikins with a wheeled carry case for ease of transport and storage.

All three manikins have QCPR feedback technology to help instructors improve CPR training quality, efficiency, and learner engagement.

Your CPR training just got more engaging


Instill your learners with the skills and confidence they need to feel safe and prepared to save a life. Little Family QCPR consists of an adult, child and infant manikin for training on age-specific CPR procedures.   

Built on a tried and tested product platform, Little Family QCPR adds new technology to the mix, which provides an immediate boost in engagement and skills acquisition in your learners.

With Quality CPR in all three manikins, instructors can now provide objective feedback to each learner – ensuring both classroom efficiency and quality training.


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