Mama Breast

MamaBreast Breastfeeding Simulator is a wearable simulator that allows highly realistic simulation of breast
feeding and breastmilk expression.
MamaBreast comes with a Nifty Feeding Cup, a reusable product for feeding breast milk to newborns with
breastfeeding difficulties. Together with PreemieNatalie Preterm Simulator, MamaBreast and Nifty Feeding
Cup are excellent to use in the Essential Care for Every Baby and Essential Care for Small Babies training
programs as well as other training programs on premature care, essential newborn care and Kangaroo Mother
 Highly realistic simulation of breastfeeding and breast milk expression.
 Can be used as an counselling tool for new parents.
 Supports training in proper breastfeeding positioning and attachment and breast milk expression.
 Can use with PreemieNatalie Preterm Simulator to practice essential newborn care and Kangaroo Mother Care.
 Can use with MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator for a complete birthing and initiation of breastfeeding scenario.
 Now comes with a Nify Feeding Cup to support practice of proper cup feeding techniques.


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