Mama Natalie® Birthing Simulator

Easy to use birthing simulator
Mama Natalie is a birthing simulator that makes it easy to create very compelling simulations of
complex or normal birthing scenarios. It is worn by a standardized patient, who takes the role of the
mother, and manually controls the training scenario and the following features:
 Bleeding
 Positioning and delivery of the baby
 Delivery of placenta
 Fetal heart sounds
 Cervix landmark
 Urine bladder cathetherization
 Uterine massage
 Uterine compression
Postpartum hemorrhage and communication training.
The simulator is particularly realistic for training communication with the mother and postpartum
hemorrhage control; which is the number one cause of maternal death during childbirth.

1. Placenta
Delivered complete, partially retained or fully retained
2. Umbilical cord
Connects to baby simulator. Palpable pulse. Cord complications
3. Urine bladder
Allows catheterisation
4. Rectum
Allows medication
5. NeoNatalie
MamaNatalie gives birth to NeoNatalie, a highly realistic newborn simulator. NeoNatalie has
realistic size and appearance, and also natural weight, feel and touch when filled with lukewarm
6. Blood tank
Takes up to 1.5 litres. Valve for regulating bleeding intensity. Scale for measuring total blood loss.
7. Uterus
Contains baby, placenta and umbilical cord. Controllable uterine firmness, from atonic to fully


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