Practice birthing maneuvers and the delivery of respectful maternity care


MamaBirthie is a cost-effective way of instructing valuable knowledge in all stages of labor. Practice maneuvers and skills including abdominal and vaginal examinations, normal birth, vacuum assisted delivery, shoulder dystocia and breech. Educate learners to identify and manage potential adverse events, and help ensuring safe patient care.

Use MamaBirthie as a tabletop model for demonstrations, or as a wearable simulation trainer during in-situ team simulations. The quick and easy set-up makes it ideal for repeated practice, both independently or peer-to-peer.

Wearable to accommodate birthing in various positions
Assess fetal positioning and vaginal examination with cervical inserts and simulated membranes
Gain tactile feedback during shoulder dystocia from BabyBirthie’s sophisticated neck flexion
Evaluate high risk births; including breech, cord prolapse and partial placenta delivery

Delivering respectful care
Impactful role-play
Practice interaction and active listening with the use of a standardized patient – learning to support the birthing mother as an active participant.

Team training
Combine skills assessment in both clinical treatment and communication to build students’ engagement for respectful care.


Train for any childbirth position
Tactile feedback
Palpate the baby’s position using anatomical landmarks, and gain additional tactile feedback from palpable fontanels.

Assisted delivery
The realistic fetal head allows for realistic attachment of vacuum for vaginal assisted delivery and creates a chignon effect.

Management of malpresentations
Utilize the bony structure of BabyBirthie to identify the important landmarks in breech and shoulder presentations.

The right tools – for a job done right
Self-directed learning
Give learners the best chance of success, letting them practice maneuvers more often.

Peer-to-peer training
Use peer-to-peer sessions to create engagement for respectful care, effective communication and risk managing.

Continuous improvement
Enable Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice to boost performance – repetition and debriefing are the keys to continuous improvement.

See how University Hospital in San Antonio uses MamaBirthie for community outreach training:

Items Included
MamaBirthie Birthing Simulator and Skills Trainer
Placenta with umbilical cord and membranes
2 Ties for umbilical cord
2 pairs of gloves
Urine catheter
20 ml syringe
Fetal skull with fontanelles
Cervix Cups (4, 6 & 8 cm dilations)
BabyBirthie Newborn Simulator (dark or light complexion)
BabyBirthie hat
Two sheets to simulate towels
Table clamp
Carrying bag for MamaBirthie
Directions for use
USB with training and use videos



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