Nursing Manikins



Female Nursing Manikin

  1. Hair and face washing
  2. Eye and ear washing and administering
  3. Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care
  4. Endotracheal intubation
  5. Tracheotomy care
  6. Sputum suction
  7. Oxygen inhaling
  8. Oral and nasal feeding
  9. Gastrolavage
  10. Breast Care and inspection
  11. Main organs in abdominal cavity
  12. Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)
  13. Deltoid subcutaneous injection
  14. Vastus lateralis injection
  15. Thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, liver, bone marrow and lumbar puncture
  16. Enema
  17. Female urethral catheterization
  18. Female bladder irrigation
  19. Ostomy
  20. Buttocks intramuscular injection
  21. Holistic nursing: sponge bath, replacing clothes
  22. Limbs joints : bend ,rotation and upper or lower movement

1) Chest wall section and suture incision

2) Abdomen wall section and suture incision

3) Thigh section and suture incision

4) Tear of the thigh skin

5) Infective ulcer of thigh

6) Foot sphacelus,decubitus ulcers of first ,second ,third toes and heelstick

7) Amputation stump of upper arm

8) Amputation stump of leg


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