Practi Man CPR Manikin


Practi Man CPR Manikin

The Practi-MAN CPR Manikin is the only BLS manikin capable of simulating both adult and child CPR with a
realistically designed airway… A simple turn of the dial changes the simulator from adult to child.

An audible clicker verifies proper hand positioning and compression depth. Turn the dial again if you choose not to hear the
clicker. Functional Nose Pinch/Head Tilt Unique design mimics actual mouth-to-mouth breathing. The only BLS
simulator which requires nose pinch and head tilt/chin lift to get proper chest rise. Weighs less than half the weight
of competing productsmaking it much easier to carry to on-site training classes. Each manikin comes with 1-Lung
Bag, 1-One-Way Valve, 1- CPR Faceshield & 1-Antiseptic Wipe.


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