ZX-NS6001 Multi-Fuctional Nursing Manikin (Male)



ZX-NS6001 Multi-Fuctional Nursing Manikin (Male)

Multifunction patient care simulator ENEN is designed especially for training of basic
nursing, it creates a real clinical setting for students. ENEN is fully functional, beautiful appearance, precise structure, provides a true sense of operation.

◆Wash face, scrub body on the bed, change clothes
◆Transport patients, change bed
◆Bilateral, unilateral oxygen inhalation
◆Atomizing inhalation therapy
◆Nasal feeding:
* nasal feeding for coma patients
*When insert gastric tube to 45-55cm, can draw out simulated gastric juice
◆Gastric lavage:can practice through the nasal cavity, oral cavity, stomach capacity
up to 500ml

◆Intravenous injection:
*Needle inserting provides an obvious feeling like do on a human arm, and will
bring back-flow blood
*The same puncture point can withstand numerously repeated puncture
◆Intramuscular injection
*deltoideus injection on the upper arm; gluteus maximus injection,
outer gluteal muscle injection
*Intramuscular injection module can be took out for cleaning, repeated practice
◆Hypodermic injection
◆Fistula lavage exercise
◆Urethral catheterization
*Catheterization(male&female) can be interchanged
*Correct operation will draw out the simulated urine

Multi-Fuctional Nursing Manikin
*Can fill up with the enema liquid, realize diverse enema


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