ZX-NS6002 Multi-Fuctional Nursing Manikin (Female)



ZX-NS6002 Multi-Fuctional Nursing Manikin (Female)



Wash face, nursing eye, ear, nose, scrub body on the bed, change clothes


Flexible limbs and joints allow to stage manikin in various positions, transport patients, change bed, rehabilitation movements

Bilateral, unilateral oxygen inhalation

Atomizing inhalation therapy

Nasal feeding:

nasal feeding for patients in coma

extracting simulated gastric juice

Gastric lavage: practice through oral/nasal cavity, stomach capacity up to 500ml

Female breast nursing

Intravenous injection:

Realistic feedback, blood backflow

Repeated puncture on same spot

Intramuscular injection:

on the upper arm deltoid ; gluteus maximusn, outer gluteal muscle

intramuscular injection pad can be removed for cleaning, allow repeated practice

Hypodermic Injection:

on lower edge of deltoid

insulin injection pad

Fistula lavage exercise


male/female exchangeable

realistic anatomical structure, male urethral canal length 10-20cm, female urethral canal length 3-5cm

success operation can extract “urine”

Bladder irrigation



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