First Aid Charts



First Aid Charts


Each Chart size 50 X 75 cm

English or English & Hindi combined Rigid Lamination on board with aluminium frame 

Flexible Lamination with rollers 

FA01 Skeleton & Circulatory System: Gives the basic knowledge of human body.

FA02 Triangular Bandages: Slings, knots and bandages for various parts of body.

FA03 Roller Bandages: A protective covering for wound or fracture, various methods of bandaging.

FA04 Fractures: Showing simple and compound fractures, treatment of fracture in various parts of body.

FA05 Artificial Respiration: Showing Schafer’s method, Silvestor’s method & Holger Nielsen’s method of artificial respiration. Outline of Respiratory system and what is suffocation.

FA06 Transport of the injured: How to carry an injured person so that minimum movement of the injured portion is assured.

FA07 Unconsciousness: Sun Stroke, fainting, epileptic fit, Hysteria, Infantile convulsions, drowning.

FA08 Haemorrhage: Location of main arteries in the body and pressure points where when pressed, bleeding can be controlled.

FA09 Electric Shock Treatment: How to remove live wires, treatment & whom to contact.

FA10 Emergency Resuscitation: Mouth to mouth and Mouth to nose method. How to give external cardiac chest compression.

FA11 Removal of foreign bodies from eye, ear, nose: Various precautionary methods to remove the foreign bodies and to ensure safety of organs.

FA12 Burns & Scalds: Type of burns, treatment of chemical burns, clothing on fire.

FA13 Snakes & Their Bites: Type of snakes, Identification of snakes on the basis of appearance, treatment of snake bite.

FA14 Poisons and their Antidotes: Various type of poisons, their symptoms & their treatment.

FA15 Outline of First Aid & Appliances: What is First Aid, Qualities of a First Aider and essential appliances to give first aid.



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