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Mastery through Experience

With 16 years of unwavering dedication to the medical simul...ation industry, we've cultivated unmatched expertise. Our deep-rooted experience enables us to provide insights and solutions that stand out in their effectiveness and accuracy.

Pinnacle Expertise

We're not just a part of the medical simulation industry; we are in it. Our team of experts brings a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of medical simulation, positioning us as the industry's leading authorities.

Adaptive Pricing

We understand that the medical simulation landscape is dive and...ever-changing. Our commitment to flexible pricing means that we tailor our offerings to suit your specific needs, ensuring that our solutions are both accessible and valuable.

Ethical Integrity

Our reputation is built on unwavering integrity. We approach...every interaction with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, ensuring that our clients trust us implicitly with their simulation needs.

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About Us

Established in 2007, Elite Plus Medical Supplies is a renowned and trusted provider of high-quality medical training equipment, devices, and educational resources. With a focus on improving healthcare education and emergency response readiness, we offer a comprehensive range of products including CPR Training Manikins, ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) Manikins, Nursing Manikins, Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), Immobilizers, Medical Equipment, Testing and Measuring Instruments, First Aid Training materials, Anatomical Models, and Charts.

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Based on 16 reviews
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Poonam More cpr training manikin in pune Home guestPoonam More
05:09 27 May 23
Best service and support
Saish Mashelker cpr training manikin in pune Home guestSaish Mashelker
12:35 28 Dec 22
Simmi gera cpr training manikin in pune Home guestSimmi gera
10:31 28 Dec 22
Dr Rashi Prabhakar cpr training manikin in pune Home guestDr Rashi Prabhakar
09:40 28 Dec 22
Elite plus is final destination for Medical models. I had purchased Anatomy models for my department and I found them very realistic and perfect. I would Highly recommend this firm as their dealing is fare and they ensure timely delivery. Best of future Elite Plus.Dr Rashi SharmaAssistant professorDepartment of Anatomy
Rohit Sarpotdar cpr training manikin in pune Home guestRohit Sarpotdar
09:38 28 Dec 22
Kay Kay Industries cpr training manikin in pune Home guestKay Kay Industries
15:17 03 Oct 20
Nice products at a very reasonable prices
CPR Gurukul cpr training manikin in pune Home guestCPR Gurukul
07:33 13 Mar 18
Good First Aid Training Center
AMIT KUMAR cpr training manikin in pune Home guestAMIT KUMAR
12:44 25 Feb 17
I know this company and Mr.Rajesh Tiwari from more than a decade now. I really appreciate honesty and integrity of his commitment for services/products he offers to us.High quality products with timely delivery.
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