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Laerdal® Resusci® Baby QCPR

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Infant cardiac arrest does not happen often, but that’s exactly why healthcare providers need to train for it. Resusci Baby QCPR enables first responders to gain the skills and confidence they need to act quickly during this high-stress experience.

Training to perfection

Resusci Baby QCPR is a professional grade resuscitation manikin designed for High-Performance CPR skills and team training. Designed to be feature flexible, Resusci Baby QCPR can be upgraded for intraosseous infusion (IO) training and advanced airway management training, enabling first responders and teams to train for a variety of scenarios.

In addition to realistic chest compressions and head movements, the manikin is equipped with advanced sensors. Connected to a feedback device, these sensors measure every compression and ventilation, helping you train for a new level of precision and proficiency.

Skills training

Hands-on precision for increased proficiency

Correct chest anatomy
Allow learners to recognize what a real infant chest feels like and adjust their compression force accordingly with the highly realistic chest mechanism.

Realistic airway handling
Insert supraglottic devices and practice the workflow around ET intubation with the optional airway head configuration.

Sensorized touch
Advanced feedback sensors help provide accurate feedback on compressions and ventilations when paired with a QCPR feedback application.

High-Performance CPR

The best teams train as a team

Improve soft skills
Practice communication and teamwork in the safety of a simulated environment. The result is a skilled and confident first response team.

Measure team performance
Measure every CPR parameter, to get accurate feedback on compressions, ventilations, and more.

Designed for your team
Whether your team consists of three or ten providers, Resusci Junior QCPR can be used to train your first response team to improve hands-on time and CPR quality.

What’s new?

Expanded training possibilities

Help build proficiency in additional infant CPR skills with optional features.

Airway Head
The airway head configuration allows trainees to insert supraglottic devices and practice the workflow around ET intubation.

IO Leg
The lifelike IO Leg accessory allows trainees to master infant intraosseous infusion techniques.