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Human Skeleton With Muscles & Ligaments

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1. Material: PVC
2. Product Name: GD/A41003 Ovary Model
3. Usage: XC-101A Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments
4. Type: Medical Models
5. Characteristic: High Quality and Inexpensive
6. Package: Carton Box


The XC-101A Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments is a highly detailed anatomical model that provides a comprehensive representation of the human skeletal system along with muscles and ligaments. With a height of 180cm, this life-size skeleton is an invaluable tool for studying anatomy, medical training, and educational demonstrations. Here are the specifications of the

XC-101A Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments:

Height: 180cm (Life-size)

The skeleton stands at a full life-size height of 180cm, offering an accurate representation of the human body for in-depth anatomical study and visualization.
Material: The skeleton is crafted using high-quality, durable plastic material, ensuring long-lasting use and resistance to wear and tear.
Anatomical Features:

Skeleton: The XC-101A skeleton includes all the bones of the human body, featuring precise anatomical details and accurate proportions.
Muscles: This model showcases the major muscles of the human body, highlighting their attachments and providing a comprehensive view of muscular anatomy.
Ligaments: The skeleton is equipped with ligaments, demonstrating the connections between bones and adding an additional layer of anatomical understanding.
Articulated Limbs:

The XC-101A skeleton has fully articulated limbs, allowing realistic posing and demonstration of joint movements. This feature aids in the study of joint mechanics and muscle actions.
Detachable Skull:

The model features a detachable skull, which can be removed and studied independently, providing an in-depth examination of cranial anatomy.
Movable Joints:

Each joint of the XC-101A skeleton is movable, enabling the demonstration of natural range of motion and enhancing the understanding of joint function.

Accurate Skeletal and Muscular Structure:

The skeleton and associated muscles and ligaments are meticulously crafted to offer an accurate representation of the human skeletal and muscular system. This level of detail ensures a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy.
The XC-101A Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments is widely used in medical schools, universities, hospitals, and educational institutions for advanced anatomical studies, medical training, and research purposes. Its combination of skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous features provides a comprehensive visual aid for healthcare professionals, students, and educators seeking a detailed understanding of human anatomy.