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Adult CPR and Intubation Training Manikin Half-Body with Monitor

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1. Material: PVC
2. Item No: GD/J158
3. Product Name: Half – Body CPR Medical Manikin
4. Warranty Time: 1 Year
5. Usage: Colleges and Hospitals for CPR Teaching
6. Type: CPR and Intubation Manikin
7. Characteristic: High Quality and Inexpensive
8. Package: Carton Box


Adult Half-body CPR and Intubation Training Manikin


Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC

The model is adult upper body with clear anatomical landmarks (costal arch, xiphoid), easy to operate positioning. The facial skin, neck skin, chest skin, hair are all made of imported thermoplastic elastomer mixed plastic material, made of stainless steel mold, the injection molding machine injection pressure from high temperature. It has realistic touch feeling, unified color, realistic shape, nice appearance, high durability, easy disassembly and replacement features.


  1. Pupil response: Bilateral pupils contrast observation;
  2. Carotid artery response: pinching pressure the ball to simulate carotid pulse;
  3. Chest compressions;
  4. Standard airway open;
  5. Feasible three ways to open the airway: lift jaw with head back, lift the head and neck, lift jaw by hands;
  6. Mouth resuscitation and ventilator-assisted breathing, effective artificial respiration has visible chest rise;
  7. Simulate laryngeal mask airway and composite cannula can be inserted into the airway;
  8. Verify endotracheal intubation is correct to not: a catheter inserted into the trachea, lungs will swell (plastic bladder) when inflated; If the catheter is inserted by mistake esophagus, stomach will swell when inflated (plastic pouch). Observed pulmonary respiration;
  9. Artificial ventilation;
  10. Oral or nasal intubation and esophageal intubation;
  11. Open the airway and practice from resuscitator bag to breathing mask or from resuscitator bag to the cannula;
  12. Respiratory tract is simple and can be replaced;
  13. Easy to carry, suitable for field training.


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