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Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

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1. Material: PVC
2. Product Name: Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)
3. Usage: Colleges and Hospitals for Nursing Training
4. Type: Airway Management
5. Characteristic: High Quality and Inexpensive
6. Package: Carton Box


Key benefits

  • Easy to operate: One-hand-grip design, lightweight, and easy to assemble/disassemble.
  • Visual support: Control panel with color-coding for children vacuum range area. LED display with indicators for suction, battery-level and more.
  • Powerful and effective: LSU can reach a vacuum of 500+ mmHg and has a flow rate of >25 LPM, exceeding international standards.
  • Canister options: Available as a reusable or semi-disposable option, providing easy conversions between the canister systems.
  • Ready when needed: Battery runtime approx. 45 minutes (free flow). Charges automatically when connected to external power source, charges to 80 % after just 3 hours.
  • Lasting value: Premium quality materials with 5 year limited warranty.


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