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Nursing Anne Simulator Male

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1. Material: PVC
2. Product Name: Nursing Anne Simulator Male
3. Usage: Colleges and Hospitals for Nursing Training
4. Type: Patient Care Manikins & Simulation-based Training
5. Characteristic: High Quality and Inexpensive
6. Package: Carton Box


High fidelity male simulator for basic to advanced training

Helping train for the highest level of care

Improve students’ readiness to provide quality care for male patients with the Nursing Anne Simulator Male, the latest addition to the only multi-patient modular platform designed for nursing education. The realistic, anatomical features are specifically designed to:

  • Increase simulation fidelity
  • Represent patient diversity respectfully
  • Maximize training opportunities

Nursing Anne Simulator Male is available in medium or dark skin tones and comes as a full body pre-assembled simulator or an add-on modular upgrade kit.


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