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Philips HeartStart OnSite Replacement Pads Cartridge – Adult


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What you need to know

Replace your Pads when they reach their expiration date. Replace your battery when your device alerts you to.

The Pads are designed to be stored pre-connected to your AED.

To replace the pads, disconnect the cable of the old pads. Take your new pads case out ofits package, pull out the connector a short length and insert the connector plug into the defibrillator.


SMART Pads Installation Guide:
HeartStart OnSite Adult SMART Pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims weighing 55 pounds (25 kg) or more. Upon receipt of your new pads, follow the simple instructions below:
Remove new pads cartridge from its package
Release and remove the old pads cartridge by locating the latch on top of the OnSite unit and sliding it
Insert new pads cartridge by sliding the bottom end of the cartridge into the recess and then pressing down firmly until the latch clicks into place (see photo)

Once the pads have been fully inserted, the OnSite unit will inform you that pads have been inserted and that it is ready for use.
These Philips adult AED pads are for use on persons 8 years of age and older or 55 lbs. or more. Philips AED pads must be replaced after use or once every 2 years regardless of use. An expiration date is marked on the front of the pads cartridge.

Additional Information:
Compatible with Philips Ref. No.: M5066A, M5067A, M5068A
Cartridge contains (2) adhesive electrode pads
Pads should be replaced after each use, or once every (2) years


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