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Detailed Product Description for Scoop Stretcher :

*It is a separately-type stretcher to transfer fractured and serious patients.

*At both ends of the stretcher, a hinged and joined arrangement is set in the middle, which can set the stretcher into two parts and it is easy to lock and unlock.

*The stretcher can strengthen the patients at original place; it can reduce the further hurt of the patients, the patients can be quickly & easily put in the stretcher and also the stretcher can be taken out from the back of the patient without moving the patient.

*The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to patients’ body. The foot end is designed as a narrow-frame structure. *It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.

*It characterized by its being light-weighted, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean.

*It’s mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulance carrying patients and wounded person.

Specifications for Scoop Stretcher :

Model Product Size
Folded Size
Packing Size
EP24 210*44*6cm 120*44*9cm 170*46*8cm ≤159kg 8.5kg 10.2kg


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