Syringe Pump


Model No. EP 101   Syringe Pump

Product Description

Time Volume mode
Indicating the remaining time of injection, automatic check, injector specifications, KVO functions, total indication of transfusion, Quick feed / prime function,
Applicable to all brands of disposable syringe
Clear-displaying on LCD screen remaining line of injection
Automatically controlling syringe moving speed in accordance with specific volume and time presented for each injection
Weight: 2.3Kg
Battery backup ~ 2 hours (for normal function)

Technical Features

Power Supply
AC Working Voltage: 100V ~ 240V
Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
DC : Inner Power of 10.8V, Internal rechargeable
Ni-Mh battery
Applicable Syringe
All brands of disposable syringes by volume of 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, & 50ml
Quick Feed
200ml [10ml injector]
300ml [20ml injector]
400ml [30ml injector]
600ml [50ml injector]
Occlusion Pressure : Low, Medium and High[Adjustable]
Audible &Visual Alarm: Near Empty, Empty, Occlusion, remove, low battery exhausted, device disengaged , motor trouble, falling of the injector AC power fail

Flow rate option
0.1 ~ 600ml/h in 0.1ml/h[50ml injector]
0.1 ~ 400ml/h in 0.1ml/h[30ml injector]
0.1 ~ 300ml/h in 0.1ml/h [20ml injector]
0.1 ~ 200ml/h in 0.1ml/h [10ml injector]
Total Infused Volume: 0.1 ~ 999.9ml in 0.1ml increments
Accuracy: Actuation Accuracy: ±1%,
Infusion Accuracy:±3%


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