Efficia DFM100 Defibrillator/ Monitor


Efficia DFM100 Defibrillator/ Monitor

We have designed the Effi cia DFM100 to meet the needs of both basic and advanced life support providers. The Effi cia DFM100 offers:
• The ability to deliver a 150J shock (recommended adult energy level) within 5 seconds – using the same Philips tried and tested SMART biphasic therapy as our premium HeartStart family of defi brillators.
• The ability to be used on both adult and infant/child patients for defi brillation, monitoring, synchronized cardioversion or pacing. It even has a single paddle set for adult or infant/child patients, so care providers have no extra checks to know they have the right equipment.
Adaptable to the needs of emergency responders
• A Patient Category Button which allows clinicians to quickly switch between patient categories, automatically changing parameter limits, analyzing rhythms and prompting the user to deliver a shock, if appropriate.
• An optional AED mode (including infant/ child AED capability) that uses Philips SMART Analysis algorithm to guide basic life support providers through delivering defi brillation, with the quick and easy 1-2-3 operation pioneered by Philips, and used on all Philips AEDs.
• Optional parameters (SpO2, NBP, EtCO2) for continuous monitoring of patient vital signs
• A Patient Contact Indicator on the paddles to give immediate feedback on paddle placement and contact to enhance the confi dence of the life support provider
• A ruggedized version for EMS or transport (IPX44 rating), which includes protective cradle, accessory storage system, and a therapy cable stabilizing collar for a tight cable connection and reduced ECG noise


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